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Dear Sir,
Welcome to our web-site, My name is Johnson Hsu, the president of Shing Ling Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. and hereby we extend our warm appreciation for your continued favors of us .

We established in 1989 and have been in-house manufacturing a full range of Cylinder-bed and Flat-bed Interlock (Flatlock)Machines.Especially the newly-developed model VG-888A and FG-666-FG so-called 3 in 1 that one machine can proceed stitch covering, hemming and tape binding by its easily conversion design. Moreover, all the machines can be equipped with electric or pneumatic top and under thread trimmer as VG-888A EST~AST or FG-666-EST~AST to obtain high quality product as well as high capacity and labor cost saving.

As an in-house manufacturer and integrate producing our own elements and assembly. These advantages enable us to supply worldwide customers with high quality machines as well as the most competitive price and rapid delivery, Furthermore, for more than 10-year accumulated experience in this field, we have been pursuing our professionals for keeping innovative and following the Absolute-Zero-Defect commitment to meet customers’ diversified needs and entirely satisfaction.

Our Web-site http://www.shingling.com.tw
are developed to help you learn about ourfull rang of sewing machines along
with elements and service we offer.

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please feel free to contact our E-mail :shingling@shingling.com.tw
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