縱筒型三針五線雙面飾綳縫機 (附小馬達)

Feed-up-the-arm 3-needle 5-thread Interlock Machine with Differential Feed Ratio (with compact servo motor for needle position)

‧ 適用於各式休閒服折袖口、 折下擺等。
Applicable to sleeve and bottom hemming on T-shirts, underwear, sports wear, etc.

‧ 適用於各種針織品、運動服 壓骨車縫。
Applicable to stitch covering on all kinds of small tubular knitwear, sports wear, etc.

‧ 適用於雙勾針鏈目縫貼條。
Attached with tape folder on presser foot for tape attaching.
台灣專利號碼:175668‧195792‧185040 179984‧208723‧M296258
大陸專利號碼:ZL 01 2 00868.0 ZL 03 2 70528.X



搶先評價 “FW-777”